Friday, June 25, 2010

LGRaB Summer Games - 3rd entry - book about *cycling*

in celebration of the
1) completion of my killer June college class
2) the end of yet another year of subbing and successful networking,
to treat myself to
a mani/pedi
after work yesterday
buy myself
a fun new
*bike book*:

i needed a book about cycling to read

as one of the bulleted challenges of the
second round of the LGRaB Summer Games
[first round completed challenges blogged about here and here]
i chose this book because i'm obsessed with
language, and how people put into words
feelings & thoughts on things i love.
in short, i love quotes. more specifically, i love good quotes,
and so many of them about biking are found
in this little *lasagna square* of a book.
i also thought,
rather than a book i'd have to read cover to cover
to gain the full story and/or message/plot,
i could pick this up whenever to
get a quick dose of inspiration,
now i have a resource for
many many *bike quotes*
[categorized by bike-topic]
to use in future posts.
i even brought the book out to dinner last night
where the boyf and i took turns reading to each other,
laughing at the oh-so-true snippets.
in between reading,
we noshed on reeeeaaaally bland chicken francese:
chicken parmesan:
yeah. sucks when food looks good, but sucks.
later on,
i read some more in bed.
for atmosphere. hee hee.
first quote i thought i'd share:
"Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short, as you feel. But ride." -- Eddy Merckx
and here's my
*special treat*
Can you guess the name of the nail polish color??
Is it:
a) too cool for school bus
b) too intense mac'n'cheese
c) mango lover
d) pull over taxi
e) banana explosion
f) okay O.J.
g) egg yolk
h) cheesey doodles
What'd'ya think??!!??!!

P.S. --
the babies are eating like champs,
and are getting so big!


okay. that's it.


Friday, Friday, loviedovies.

1 comment:

  1. OMG you even read about biking...nerd alert!!! haha. i'm teasing. you're a hot nerd if that's the case.

    LOVE the nail color. too faboo!


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