Thursday, December 24, 2009

a merry Christmas *eve* moment

i thought i'd take a breif moment to wish you, reader, as solitary and singled out as you are on my newborn baby BLOG, a merry merry holiday.

i'm an old soul in a (relatively) young package and even now, with a quarter-a-century behind me, I think: "how many of these good ol' christmas eves do i have left until I have no more left?"

is that morbid of me? perhaps. but thoughts like those help me to breathe in every second of
my sister 'christmas'-ing up herself in the mirror,
my mom making fish salad,
the garlic and lemon and ocean smell of the fish salad...mmm...,
the boyfriend and cat sound asleep, giving me a brief few moments before...oop!...and there goes the cat! (she smelled the fish salad.)

Goodness gracious, I love winter for it's beginning days, and then...ick.
You will see.
i'm going to try to appreciate it this go'round.

what else? oh!
I stumbled upon the photo below while looking for winter and christmas image-inspiration (as we BLOGGERS, or I - wannabe blogger) do...and uh!
this is part of that world...
...that world my thoughts get stuck in so world of *dream scenes* where what I want my life to become and be encompassed with lives.

have a merry merry jolly jolly super-happy lovely christmas eve and actual day. :)


yesterday is history.
tomorrow is a mystery.
today is a gift...that's why it's called the present.

*one day* i'll live this *dream scene* day one day one day...
...oop! and there's the boyfriend waking up. Gotta feed him some fish salad. ;)

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