Monday, December 6, 2010

warm tones, LIGHTED TREE, angel ornaments, camera dreams

please press PLAY...and wait for it...
* * *
ahhhhhhhhh. now ease
down into your seat and
scroll on
yesterday evening.
multi-colored bulbs
strung around a HomeDepot tree
in some sort of order.
made to work in between bursts
of *sister*laughter* and *kitty*craziness*
rich magenta pink:
a major theme of this year's tree
up close with a christmas ball.
this camera -- the camera i used for almost every personal pic
you've seen on this blog this year...'s got me dreamin'
one i hope will be this year's Christmas present from Santa,
my first SLR
which would have made these next few pics
a lot better I imagine
my sister, mom, and I
are a tad bit in love with
these curly silver twist ornaments
scattered about our tree
[my favorite pic of the bunch]
this little angle ornament seems like he's flying enthusiastically around Christmas land
above, a modern angel ornament, bought in recent years
below, a vintage angel ornament, around during my mom's childhood
[both adorning the same tree]
decorating *the*tree* is always one
of my favorite events of winter,
and this year
it seemed therapeutic
on this Monday morning,
the start of what i feel is going to be the week from Hell due
when sham-college duties rush in causing stress and worry,
and fear at the forefront of my mind,
i will imagine Christmas bubbles of warmth and serenity
and hope it'll help me through.
...and if not, then

i can always do like *the*binos*, and sleep in the light of the tree.


wishing you a calm and peaceful and quick December Mond


  1. it's looking good!!!

    i love the magenta and the colored lights. very perdy woman.

  2. I see you checked family Christmas tree off your list! Did you get to go ice skating? How delightful!!


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