Tuesday, December 28, 2010

*crappy*pics* of Krist

hi, honeys!
snowed-in for the second day in a row
here in Queens, NY.
check here.
look here.
what i've been productively doin' though,
is workin' on my *new blog* for 2011
and beyond!
MAN, it's work!
...with all the *new blog* work I'm doing,
i had no time to edit the few pics from Christmas I took,
but know it was a lazy lazy day,
it was family-filled,
and...well...take a peek:
haa haa!
this year's tree was so bare-branched on the bottom!
the babies' gifts
new EdHardy-like shirts,
...and collars
[which Carmen doesn't seem to have on here]
...and a spin-around go-chase-it-go mouse toy:

the babies were my mega-gift,
given to me earlier this year, in June,
by the universe almighty.
*heart* my binos *heart*
this was the only pic from my
Aunt & Uncle's house I took:

just laziness/laziness/laziness.
ate and lounged and ate and gamed-it and lounged.
i felt drunk,
but hadn't drank anything.
...and some gifts:
new *white watch*
new *white subtle-sequins scarf*
oh yeah...

...and I got my Nikon D3100.



happy Tues, lover duckies!

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