Friday, October 8, 2010

the one thing to paint is the one thing on your mind

yesterday night
sister & i painted pumpkins.
there was only one thing i wanted to paint:
me & all *three* of *my*babies*
i'm really so proud of it.
you have Alejandro,
my little *mama's boy*::
crazy Carmen,
and her *infamous*goofball*face*::
...and finally,
by beloved *neena*girl*, my Dinah,
who i lost last weekend::
[i think i might want to paint a halo over her head.
what do you think??]
sorry that i've been m.i.a. from my blog,
but yesterday was the first day since saturday,
when we lost her,
that i didn't cry.
i've been taking it really slow, and really hard.
thank you for your patience with me, common passer-byers of my blog.
check out the *before* sketch::
i got the idea from this image that i googled.
[the faces, however, were all customized by me]
made up
a snoozing-snoozing Carmen,
that i took a cue from
in the form of two naps over an hour long.
[my cold's been demanding this of me]
{{cough,cough, sniff}}
oh, and because we both had off,
i was not feeling to hot,
the boyf made me soup [we call it 'zoop']
plenty of veggies,
the boyf loves a good zoop

don't forget the nooooooooodles


zoop&tea // tea&zoop

these have been my drugs of choice during my time of achy body-achy spirit.


thanks for reading.


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