Sunday, October 3, 2010 it's October. You know what that means...

...time to think about what you're going to be for
do you guys already know??!!
well, i already know.
in the airport
coming back from
i picked up
Martha Stewart's
Halloween Special Magazine
and found this picture in it:
"That's it!" I thought.
"I'll be a jellyfish!"
[i usually only settle for my-own-idea type costumes.
i take Halloween very seriously,
& try to be something *new* or not very 'done',
but i saw this and thought this
would be the cutest & so much fun!
so I'm doing it!
i just didn't realize so many have already done it
haa haa! whoops!
oh well!]
of course, I'll jazz it up, my style.
you know...all sassy white,
maybe with a midriff showing,
and a headband.
the challenge is going to be
what to make Tomas!
we have to
all matchy-matchy??
...maybe he could be scuba-diver or a surfer dude?
...and I'm the jellyfish that stings him!
that might work!
is my favorite
lemme know what you think.

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