Tuesday, August 10, 2010

*my first RUN ever*

i ran my first RUN ever on sunday.
here's the planner-collage i made
that was inspired by it:
i love reading about other people's successes and triumphs.
[DUH! I read blogs!]
it causes me to be
more motivated to reach my goals,
more optimistic in my attitude,
and therefore more likely to succeed myself.
here are pics i took from my Blackberry while
on the run/walk
over the
& back:
the fountain in
City Hall Park
where i
stretched out
my quads & hamstrings.
i spotted the
'KEEN' sisters
in the crowd
a helicopter
circled above us,
checkin' out the scene
"follow the sound of the bagpipes,"
the announcer guy told us.
the BrOOkLyn BRiDGe
5K runnin' feet
look up & forward,
boob shot!
i'm in full action-mode.
[don't know why this pic is distorted]
toward the end of the 3.1 miles,
the sky was clearing up,
boo ya!

oh, yeah: and *this* guy woke me up on time, drove me to Brooklyn, waited the 32 minutes and 55 seconds it took me to run the 5K, greeted me with a hug and kiss at the finish, bought me an after-the-race orange juice, drove us back home, and then proceeded to help me get a BBQ together to entertain friends [pics of which will be coming tomorrow].

what a *great guy* excelling in his boyfriend duties.

keep up the good work, hombre!


sunday was truly a great day.


may your Tuesday today be a great day, too.


now...what's the next 5K i'm signin' up for...???...


  1. that's awesome! congrats lady!!!

    btw the nose ring didn't hurt...if it did then i already forgot ;)

  2. Oh gosh, well done you! I'm inspired!

    (*gets up off lazy arse and does some exercise*)


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