Friday, August 27, 2010

all aboard JetBlue Flight 1 en route to Fort Lauderdale, FL...

that's me today, everybody.
i've plowed through the past two weeks
and now
airport time.
...and what's my favorite thing about
*the airport*
besides the aura and atmosphere of far-away lands,
and big, winged metal and engine machines,
and shops and coffee stops,
and luggage tags, and the magazine rack, and the silly
souvenir shop??
airport style, yo.
here is the inspiration for mine:
hats & shades.
plain & simp.
just like this:
take a look at some *celeb*spiration* i gathered throughout the week,
in anticipation for my departing flight:
ashley tizz.
rachel bilse.
fuckin' meagan fox.
[like the shades, ain't crazy about the grumpy old man hat]
nicole 'always gets it right' ritchie
[my fedora/shades look hopefully gets pulled off somethin' like hers]
[...under her feh-dora, dora dora, eh eh eh...]
fuckin' meggy foxers again!
[okay, maybe this look isn't cool]
julieanne huff? houghs? the DWtS chick, turned country singer.
[like how laid-back this looks]
[the black = hotness, but not for today...more for fall, me thinks]
Kourtney K.
[i love every every every thing about this,
but i needs me a flopster hat]
i'll be wearing the hat seen in this post,
for more stars' airport style
check it here.
i think that's
all she wrote, folks.
i'll try to write from a Starbs or something,
maybe post an in-the-middle-of-vacay
sippin-on somethin' at the beach shot
[i *so loved* all her Hawaii posts]
wish me happy travs.
i hope the plane don't crash.

...and off i go.

{{smiles, skips a little, gigglegiggle}}

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  1. Hey girl! Thanks so much for stopping by! It makes me happy that you enjoyed what you read! I did a little reading myself, and it looks like we have a few things in common from collages to airport fashion! (except you actually boarded a plane, and I only wished I had haha) I know it's already day 7 of the dreaded month, but I hope you're making it through "September" ;)


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