Saturday, August 21, 2010

my *new*sunglasses*, YO

i took the opportunity to showcase
the 3 fabulous pairs of
that i mentioned about in yesterday's post.
first pair:
no rims, GUESS, bought at a KAH-RAZY discount price from Century 21
[the peeved-off face in most of these photos derives from a second-day-of-my-period mood, and from PMS at my morning uncleanliness. here: teeth aren't brushed, eye-gunk isn't dug out, the 'that time of the month' zit is in FULL FORCE throbbing mode and i'm still in the same shirt/jewelry from the night before's enjoy the sunglasses!...haa haa]
those pics were of
on to #2
second pair:
gold-rimmed, skinny skinny...uhhh...what are they called?...legs?? arms??...skinny skinny bands that go behind my ears. [pathetic]
see where i make 'em sit on my nose bridge?
i'm trying to disguise the monstrous size of *the shnoz*
i don't think it's working.
oh well. focus on the cuteness of the shades.
i like this pic:
my reflection in the sliding glass door.
made me think of
where to set the stage
to showcase the third pair.
over the pool.
third pair:
oh, the aviators.
whoops! almost fell in.
aviator shades shadow
the avi's: *pair #3*
got all three for just under 40*bucks.

you seriously can't beat that.

pairs # 2 & 3 were $9.50 each!

Which pair did you like best??

*south*fla* you're so close i can taste you.

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