Tuesday, August 17, 2010

*10*more*days* to PLOW through

[i love the chick above's intensity...
...it's a total cartoon-representation of my attitude going into the next ten days:
plow the f**k through 'em]
was only necessary
this is the collage that came about:
after spotting this pic:
of Eva Longoria on people.com
looking so *fab* on a date-night out
with her hubs.
[i found out she's wearing a
BCBG MaxAzaria Striped Sweater as a dress]
[...and speaking of looking so *fab* on a date night out with her hubs...]
check out Maegan from ...Love Maegan
in this outfit post.
God! I love love love.
sis & i
are having a
i'm on the lookout
for a *south*fla* date night outfit.
maybe this. or this. something like this? this just for fun.

we'll see what happens.
...and just for the sake of mentioning...
the background pic
in the collage
came from this awesome
image found here.


okay, okay. {{deeeeep sigh of relief for *no work* tonight}} Tuesday.


  1. Hope you find the perfect fit and then some! Im on the hunt for my birthday fit myself... oh decisions decisions! I just wish it felt like summer here in Cali... I think we are already in Fall here :(
    Anyway, enjoy!!

  2. whatever you get will look 10x better than eva. BELIEVE ME!!!

    can't wait to see what you find. post pics k?


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