Friday, August 20, 2010

no images would *fit*the*bill* today but these:

and when i
one week from today,
this is going to be me:
i'm going to gaze at those palm trees
in utter, raw gratitude for their existence in my world
at that moment.
[...and i'm going to be wearing one of my three fabulous new pairs of sunglasses while i do it]
[...i'm going to need to with all that sun on my face...i hope...]

i will raise up my palms to the palms.


let's plow through these next seven days, shall we??



  1. sounds like a dream! where are you going? did i miss the post that talks all about it?? k i'll rewind and peep your other posts :)

    here's hoping those 7 days fly by!

  2. well then, have so much fun in florida! and i can't wait for YOU to go to hawaii. i love seeing other people's hawaiian experiences.


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