Thursday, August 26, 2010

*tomorrow*...i *depart*

*today*...i do everything else
mainly, pack.
[although that is totally reserved for later on tonight when i'm going to be way too drowsy to focus on what i need to be a-packin']
i wish my luggage was
as neat and tidy as
those, above.
...and as vintagey-cute.
i found this webpage
that's supposed
to give me
checklist of
what to be packin'.
how cute are these luggage tags??!!??!!
i'm really *ALL* over the place today.
9:00 am
get my hair straightened, so I can look halfway decent during my busy-ass day today
10:00 am
i hope i can fit this in.
nobody likes rugged, raggedy, chipped, & crusted toes/fingertips on vacay
not cute.
12:00 pm
eyebrow threading.
1:00 pm
pick-up my new car :)
2:00 pm
server meeting @ Strawberry's Grill
this is where i'll get to air out all my peeves
with the job so far.
great. awesome.
4:30 pm
the first day of my *thesis*class*
the LAST [yes, i did say L-A-S-T] class i'm required to complete
for my program @ Queens College
[this seems like yesterday...already back to school...{whomp,whomp}]
7:30 pm
birthday dinner for
the boyf's uncle & daddydukes
come home and pack.
what a day, huh?
i'll get through it
knowing somewhere in
i'm going to be outside
on the sidewalk
waiting to load my luggage
in the car
something like

yeah, excited as hell [accompanied by this feeling]

...and definitely *not* with heels on,

or size 00 skinny jeans,

but you get the point.

1 comment:

  1. anytime packing is added to your to-do list, it makes the day much more stressful. but here's some motivation for ya...GET'ER DONE!!! ;)


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