Wednesday, November 17, 2010

26 Things Before I'm 27 // inspired by *miss*elsiecake* herself

some blogs i visit are just oh, so good.
they always give me something positive
and inspirational to walk away from my laptop with.
Elsie's blog: A Beautiful Mess
does that for me on a regular basis.
like me, Elsie has a *November* birthday.
she posted on Monday
about her
above left is her list. above right is her #25: Pink Hair for a little while.
i loved this idea to the MAX.
[the list, i mean. i could never pull off the pink hair]
since I turned 26 only a
mere eight days ago,
I took time out yesterday
to make my own list:
26 Things Before I'm 27
[i'm not as highly ambitious as elsie.
notice my #13: Paint (at least) 10 pictures as opposed to her #27: 100 Paintings...haa haa!]
thanks to *elsie*.

#6: take a BLOGGiNG class, is actually happening NYC...@ The Learning Annex. haa haa! we'll see how that goes.



have a nice Wednes, pumpkin-breads!


...and *elsie*, thank you again, for yet another simple, inspirational, totally do-able project that i will be referring to for the whole next year to come.

thank you thank you thank you.

i adore the blog-o-sphere.


  1. eslie's blog is amazing! she is oh so inspiring! i was actually thinking about to that list too but for 2011. i think i just might! oh and happy belated birthday! i married a november baby, they are the best but his birthday can fall on thanksgiving sometimes which can be a bummer sometimes but we make it work :)


  2. Your list is amazing! I love the drawings and especially your handwriting! Hope you get a chnace to tick all the empty boxes! :))


  3. I really like your list!! Especially the picture ideas!

  4. i saw your comment over at elsie's and thought i'd give your list a looksie.
    LOVE it! your list sounds way fun.
    i'm going to try my hand at is as well- my 25 before i turn 26, in march...

  5. awe. this is so much fun! excited about your blog! XO. elsie


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