Wednesday, November 3, 2010

*orange* & *pinks* & *yellow*

love my November.
i think November & i think my birthday.
i think November & i think sweaters, like, layers of sweaters.
i think November & i think thanksgiving,
special warm toasty feelings with family & people i love.
this year, i'm not so sure about "thanks"-"giving" for me.
it feels more like
don't get me wrong,
i am extremely thankful
for my blessings, but
i wish i could experience the holiday
as it's meant to:
to relax,
to reflect,
to eat, laugh, & be merry
with family
& think on the past months of the year
and the few weeks left of the year,
and realize with all your soul, that you're blessed.
i'm probably working at the restaurant
from 11am to 9pm,
will be surrounded by stress & worry as to
the status of my thesis paper,
due within a few days after Thanksgiving.
college sucks the life out of me.
it sucks the life out of everyone i know who goes to one.
i'm thankful i've had the means to go to school,
unlike so many in the world,
i just wish it was actually beneficial to my being,
instead of just 'looking good on paper.'
i think i like you.
i mean, i do, i like you.
this Nov, though, i
kinda wish i could just "UP" myself out of responsibilities
by hanging on to a bunch of *orange*pink*yellow* balloons,
sail through the sky,
and end up at a Thanksgiving tea party with
all those close to my heart, living and passed on.

up...up...and away, Novem.


  1. Hey girl! I'm so glad I found your blog, I love reading about fellow New Yorkers. From the little I've had a chance to read yet, we have a lot in common! Good luck with your thesis, I can't even imagine how stressful that must be,especially around the holidays. I'm sure you'll do fine though, and be able to breathe that sigh of relief in no time!

  2. Mine is the 19th! I love "thinking November!" Happy early bday Amanda! :)


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