Thursday, November 11, 2010

we *ice*skated* in Central Park

the boyf took off work,
we hopped on a subway
@ approximately 12:10 p.m. Eastern time
headed to Central Park,
rented some skates,
set off to the sun-drenched,
outdoor ice-rink
this is when
he pretended
he couldn't
ice skate.
he could.
and he video-taped:

you should know i'm a sucker for shoe-shots:





after ice-skating, the boyf needed his LEGO fix:

and then we physically picked up the birthday tickets to the Broadway show we're seeing Saturday:

Yes, yes, and YES!


it was a lovely birthday DAY, even if it was a Tues.

thanks for recapping it with me, lovies.


  1. oh how fun west side story! love that movie!
    i will never again go skating! had the worst experience as a child...won't go into bloody details but no way in hell would someone get me in ice skates...roller skates hell yay!!!



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