Friday, November 19, 2010

oh, fortune cookie... did such an excellent job of putting a reminder of my misfortune right there at the tip of my fingers... jagged-edged, need-a-manicure-ASAP, no-time-to-file
the "moving" that this pompous little fortune from my stale-ass cookie
is talking about is the "get moving" on my
fuckin' sham
waste o'time
dumb as dirt
"P" to the "ointless"
thesis paper.
...and no friggin' kidding, fortune cookie,
that once I "get moving" on the damn thing,
my spirits will lift.
because of this thesis paper
looming over my being,
i literally feel guilt full-on double rainbow G-U-I-L-T whenever I
do something enjoyable.
if I'm listening to the new Rihanna CD in my car...on my way to work....GUILT.
I should be thinking about my thesis paper instead.
if I'm blogging, like now...because I fuckin' LOVE to blog...GUILT.
I should be typing up an asinine literature review of my bazillion articles I should have read that still I need to read some of...yeah...instead.
if I'm enjoying the company of my sister or my babies...or my boyfriend...GUILT.
Tremendous guilt.
I should be in my room typing and reading and note-taking and NOT living life.
it's a fuckin' criminal offense.
I am paying some "college",
some "Higher Education" facility,
to rape me of my 20s and make me feel GUILTed for just wanting to be freakin' done already!
...for just wanting to have a classroom already and doing what I know how to goddamn do better than almost everyone I've seen do it!
i'm feeling terribly exhausted. in the brain and in the body.
that's nothing new; see here.
it is unfortunate that thesis papers exist.
...and that I have to write one.
...and that I can't stop thinking about the 150,000,000,000 things I'd rather be doing.
despite all my blubbering, I do wanna wish ya'll a
happy weekend.
for the next month, *WEEKEND* to me means more opportunities I should take to work on this THESIS [I officially hate that word] and if I don't, then more opportunities to get
and depre--
deeper and deeper
[i'm going to need to live vicariously through all of your weekends for the next few weeks]
thanks for reading.
all the way to here.
way cool.
love u.

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