Saturday, November 6, 2010


...and the consensus: I miss my spring/summer jog.
the leaves were beautiful, but that's about it.
the colder air hurts my lungs when i breathe, stings them cold,
and something happened yesterday while jogging that's never happened to me before:
my butt cheeks were itching like mad!
i don't mean to be graphic, but
those chubby cheeks of mine were on fire!
i looked it up,
and most likely it was a combination of
a long stretch of inactivity and not moisturizing before setting out in the cold
[found information on it here and here]
okay...on another note...I feel mentally exhausted.
fall/winter does that to my brain...hibernates it like a grizzly,
but i'm sad,
because i feel an intense lack of inspiration.
i'm so frustrated!
i think i'll go for a run.
happy Sat, cats.

1 comment:

  1. Lol @ the itchy butt. hahahahaha. When I jog in my sweats for some crazy reason my legs get sooooo itchy! Or maybe I'm just trying to find an excuse to skip jogging. Hehehehe. I hope you have a happy weekend hun. =)


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