Tuesday, November 9, 2010


yep, it is true.
nothing planned for today.
Tomas took off work so that I wouldn't be alone.
my *bitt* has school 'til late,
my parents are working,
all my teacher-friends have parent-teacher conferences today, all day,
so nobody would be able to come out.
i had planned it to be
just me & the *binos*,
now the *boyf*'s here to keep me company.
how sweet.
below is my simple 26th birthday collage:
it's made up life's simple *materialistic* pleasures
that would make these first few days of 26
in my collage, i have:
belted skirt look, straightened hair, a birthday bouquet, heart-shaped sunglasses, confetti, dainty heels, birthday *cupcakes*, balloons, bubble gum, sparkly eyeshadow,
& floral Doc Martens.
[that last one's a bit unrealistic, but it's my birthday, and realism wouldn't be appropriate]
simple birthday things
that i'm going to treat like a *birthday*scavenger*hunt*
easy breezy.
i want to add one more thing to mix, though.
true birthday happiness, i believe, comes from
the unexpected.
from the silly,
the nonsensical as you
enter a new year of *you*.
that is why
in addition to
trying to come up with
the birthday things above,
i'm going to take a
birthday photograph
a finger mustache!
everyone's doing it.
i don't fully understand why
everyone's doing it, but...it is
unexpected [enough],
it meets all the criteria.
it has to be done.
okay, muttonchops...
i'm off to enjoy the first day of my 26th year best i can
with the boyf and
my two early birthday presents from the universe,
that arrived back in June.
love you readers deeply.
have a happy Tues.

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