Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the most *pURRRRfect* gift from my most *perfect* bitt

my sister couldn't have gotten me a better birthday gift:
they keep my feets toasty,
remind me of the babies,
are just plain hilarious in my opinion.
when first put near the babies:
oh, how unsure of them they were:

after a while, though,
the babies
warmed up to my slippers,
they were friends.
best buddies even!
this pic of
Alejandro and his new *best*buddy*
cracks me up:
reminds me of this commercial
[...and actually, when I play the commercial,
and look at this photo, I wanna die with laughter]
i'm in love with my new slips.

thanks, bitt.


happy hippy hump day, hillbillies!

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