Friday, April 2, 2010

i had a change of post...*Julie&Julia*

yesterday afternoon,
*the boyf* & i
had a terrific bicycling adventure.
that adventure
was going to be
the original topic for this post today.
last night,
i saw a movie that
couldn't go unblogged about:
[trailer below can be better viewed here.]

i'm telling you [and i wouldn't kid you]...if not for your love of eating, love of food, love of cooking, love of love, love of passion, love of people, or love of life, you must see this movie simply because you are a BLOGGER.

the "Julie" part of the movie refers to Julie Powell who started this BLOG**, as the movie explains, to have a regimented, scheduled thing in her life to come home to & focus on & achieve for.

[**i'm assuming you can't get full access to her BLOG anymore because she made it into a book, so... now only one or two posts are visible; poopyfoo.]

Meryl Streep is an absolute dream as Julia Childs.

I thought Amy Adams was endearing too, although my sister was like,
"Why's she crying all the time?! Wah wah wah!"
[my sister doesn't get the raw emotion that goes into blogging &
wanting to make your blog work...haa haa!]
this scene below was one of my favorites.
only Tomas truly gets why.
he's Filipino, so he loves everything fish, & tried to cook live lobsters once.
i cried for those poor crustaceans.
like, literally...tears...flowing...crying...
...he was laughing.
the movie has so many scenes made up of the most delicious-looking food!
...and I love how the husbands of J&J in the movie love their wives & the food they cook to death... day i hope to *wow* my husb in the kitchen on a daily basis too...
[i'm still in training for that...tee hee!]
the movie got me thinking about
my *2010* is HERE
& where I've come since I started
& how I don't really have a focus to this space HERE,
like Julie Powell did with her focus on Julia Child & her cooking...
...and then I remembered this post I wrote, & stopped being so critical of myself
...and thought maybe a future BLOG of mine could have more of a "focus"
...and that i guess why i log in everyday & "PUBLISH POSTs" is because i like to, & i like ya'll, & sharing is caring, & it lets me practice my writing, & hear feedback, & i think it's fun.
that's a good enough "focus" for now.
HERE's also like a little celebration of this year,
& my new habitation in the BLOG-o-SPHERE.
everyone's been so nice so far.
love yous.
I'd love to host a party like the one below
with all of you readers invited,
& there'd be karaoke,
a huge nacho platter,
& lots of bean bags to sit on.
Needless to say, I think you should watch the movie, if you haven't already.
I thoroughly enjoyed it,
& with every pee-break I took
[there were about three]
I'd walk by my sister's room & say,
"I'm having a lot of fun with Julie and Julia"
they were people in the room with me,
my *two new friends*.
That's how the movie makes you feel.
It was a good time.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
this is the real-life Julie Powell,
holding the book of her BLOG:
...and this is the real-deal Julia Childs:

I grew up hearing that doodley-doo, shaky voice as my mom watched her tricks & techniques.

...the movie really put her in perspective. I wish I payed closer attention.


That's all I guess I have to say on the movie & the matter. I found this interesting BLOG post about the movie, by one writeous chick, and enjoyed reading it. Maybe you will too.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

[as i told ya earlier, I went biking yesterday.]
[that post'll be coming tomorrow.]

Hope you check back in!

love LOVe loVe & Happy Friday.

Bon Appetit! to life, today & always.


  1. I couldnt wait for this movie to come out and I bought it once it did! as a Pastry artist in the making and a not to shabby chef I used to watch Julia and Jacques on TV.. she was inspiration before food network became the norm! I also read the book before I saw the movie lol yeah, i was obsessed. Still am, i watch it like once a month! Have a great Weekend Amanda!!


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