Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've got a *fever*...

...that only wearing a pretty dress and high heels can cure.

I heard it's something going around.

* * *
Anyone else
feel stricken??
I am attending a day wedding on Saturday,
...I need to survive just two more days of Ugg-filled normalcy.
* * *
Can ya tell I'm psyched?
* * *
[I'm finally going to get to wear these.]
*yay yay yay*
* * *
P.S. -- I'm super fond of this necklace.
[Do I sense an end-of-Student-Teaching celebratory gift to myself from myself?]
tee hee!


  1. I love dresses and heels!!! Im praying I get called for jury duty ( because they never choose me and i get paid regular pay while im out) so I can hit the mall right next to the court house and swoop me up a dress or two!

    I know u are stoked bout the shoes too!


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