Tuesday, April 20, 2010

*pet peeves*

pet peeves
by me
too slow drivers
blocking the lane,
when pieces of lettuce
clog the drain,
interruptions when
I’m writing a poem,
when people wave ‘hi’
and I don’t even know’em,
when I’m a day late
for the big blowout sale,
when all that I get
is bills in the mail,
when my socks are all
saggy down by the toes,
when I can’t pick the booger
out of my nose,
when I wash my face daily
but the zits keep on coming,
when I’m trying to sleep
but there’s an incessant humming,
when the photographer snaps me
at the most unflattering angle,
when I condition my hair
but it’s still a frizz tangle,
when there’s plenty of Cheerios
but not enough milk,
when I invest time in a lover
who turns out a bilk,
when I get a wedgie
of gigantic proportions,
when I look in the mirror
and see a million distortions,
when I feel young at heart
but am too old in age,
when I have a bunch more to say
but run out of page.


  1. awesome poem!!! makes me want to write again.. its been a good minute since i've added to my poetry blog.. funny and true!

  2. Aww that was a great poem! Do more! I hate when strangers say hi too because then I'm always like, "maybe I do know them..."

  3. my pet peeves...bad shoes, perms, ed hardy, d-bags, UFC fighters, mily cyrus fans, mily cyrus music, miley cyrus gums...did i mention miley cyrus?


  4. J to the asara...I'd love to read some of your po-po-po poems, girl!!

    K.T.A. -- "Hi!" [Oh wait, I ain't a strane-juh!! tee hee!!]

    'nanas...YES!! YES!! YESS!!...and Miley??!! UGHH!! My sister & I call her the Venus Flytrap. :P


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