Tuesday, April 20, 2010

mud *masques* + cucumbers...

+ yuh Bitt = a decompressing Sunday night
me, above, doing a facial
Bitt, above, doing a facial
[minus the giggling & cackling that went on the entire time]
hilarious mud 'masque' man,
[Can anyone answer why it is 'masque'??!!
Haa haa!!
Is that the fancy French way??
Oooo lah lah!!]
Bitt is reading up on whether or not
the intense burning sensation we were
both experiencing should've been
expected or not.

mud *masque* is drying. [tee hee!]

It was a truly a Bittah's night on Sunday....

...and just what I needed to face this week.


I bought those mud mask packets in Stop&Shop for like, $1.50 each. Nothing's stopping you & your girlfriends from decompressing too. I sooo encourage it.

[P.S. -- I thought the pics looked kinda artsy-cool with the cartoon effect on them. You'd never think of an artist painting people grooming, but hey...might not be a bad idea...]


Happy Wed-deh-nezz-day!! [<---i said it like that when i was little. me = "L"oser]


  1. haha! I soooo NEED one of these day but a whole weekends worth! hot rocks, massage oil, mani-pedi included! Im delirious today.. off 3 hrs of sleep thx to the cake i had goin last night.. Glad to see ya smilin woman! Week is half way ovaaaa!
    Love 2 share my writings (tho they are mostly depressing but tell a story ya digz?!)
    n ee whoo, heres ya go http://www.jasaralikenoneother.blogspot.com/

  2. definitely artsy. I came home the other day and my roommate was wearing one of those "masques." It freaked me out haha

  3. My sister & I are weirdos. :)

  4. Jasara, your writings are your true feelings. I read a lot of them, and identified with each one.
    *thank you*

  5. Thanks Amanda... very true to heart!

  6. If you want another great masque try Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque or Mud Pack Masque. You can get a coupon for $1.00 off any Queen Helene product by following the link below. Pass it on to friends. Enjoy!



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