Friday, July 2, 2010


so, I'm taking college classes this SuMMeR.
if you stop by HERE often,
you know I despised attending my June class
[although, i ended up receiving an A+ on my final project,
which i might eventually post about]
well, ladies & g-men,
i'm singin' a new tune with this July class, entitled,
Using *ART* with Students with Special Needs
i really have to say, I love this class.
our first project was to create a
self-portrait of ourselves using pipe-cleaners,
and then
set our 'mini-us' to a background.
our pipe-cleaner version
had to show us doing something
we enjoyed.
i tried *unsuccessfully* to make a
pipe-cleaner bicycle,
so instead,
oh, and did you notice the *pipe-cleaner* babies?
Haa haa!
i added my pink Blackberry & earphones later
...and then made my shoe-box background.
the background is supposed to be the *trail* i run on.
this was how it looked
displayed in class:
[do you notice the pipe-cleaner 'LIVESTRONG' bracelet I added??]
mine's on the far left, with a few of my classmates' work
more classmates' work hung on the wall
some of my favorites:
her inspiration was
'head in the stars'
it really was the cutest project,
and easy to do with most little ones.
i'll probably be posting more of the
creations that come out of this wonderful class,
so...stay tuned!
i also have
two more pieces of news
has brought with it already:
[oh my goodness, both bittahs!!]
were hired @ the new SportsGrill
opening up in a nearby town!
this news is very exciting because
it -hopefully- means that the
$dolla*dolla*bill$ flow
will direct itself into my pocket,
which indirectly means:
so, ultimately, good thing.
working wit Bitt? good thing.
loss of more
me-time for me,
us-time for *the boyf* & i?
we all make sacrifices for the greater good.
is the
*1st birthday*
Maxim Luka:
mommy & daddy
our good friends
Jamina & Lev
i'm so happy their family is in our lives
i smile every time i see
this *chubbarino's* chunker face:

happy 1st birthday, Max


Aunt 'Manda & Uncle Tome

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