Thursday, July 8, 2010

LGRaB Summer Games - 5th entry - explore *a new part of town* by bike

so last night,
the boyf & i explored
a new part of town
by bike,
and we rode up on



i knew i wanted
to try out the challenge of
exploring a new part of town,
but thought,
"hey, i know every part o' town there is!
how will i ever explore something new??"
[my naivety strikes again]

the boyf and i took a late-afternoon-into-twilight ride

Alley Pond Trail in Bellerose
Kissena Park in Flushing,
--as usual with our rides--
i was following him along streets,
into the park,
back out again,
up hills,
he turns into a parking lot.
i was like, what the??
i realized that
we were near a few softball fields that
the boyf used to play on.
when i used to watch his games
[well, half-watch them]
i remember peeking over
in bewilderment
at the velodrome.
a velodrome --by the way-- is explained here.
here is an aerial view of
i think
the boyf had it in his mind the
whole time last night
that he was
going to lead us here
that it would count
of the
[he wants to win the BUB as much as i do.]
i hadn't whipped out my camera the whole ride.
just got these few in of
loser me with the sign...haa haa!
a couple of snaps with my bike,
but the sun went down fast.
it's a very dark vid...
...and YouTube makes it a friggin' blurry mess,
here's a quick vid of me pedalling around the v-drome:
i encourage ya'll to bike:
snee hee.
on the way home, we rode up on
a house fire:

the firefighters and neighbors and trucks and hoses and commotion... was like a movie...
okay, well,
Happy Snappy Thursday!
i got my
*aunt Laura's*
b-day bbq
a short presentation to do
for class on multiple disabilities,
wait...i think that's it.

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