Tuesday, July 6, 2010

*done with the piggin'*

4th of July
carried on
all the way to yesterday.
time to get on my sneaks,
and work it out!
note to self:
light light light grey spandex...
...not a BIG FAT Ass's best friend...
a mid-run calf stretch:
[gotta run oh-so-early in the a.m. because of the
'triple-digit' heat we've been having]
i love it, though.
maybe i'll bike today.
this was chalked on the trail where i run:

it pretty much sums up today.


Happy Tuesday!

[i'm off to my sSuMMeRr *ART* class...yes!]



oh, btw. today's my dad's birthday. he's 55 today.

happy birthday. i guess.


  1. this post made me dizzy.

    hey so speaking of hawaii (in your comment, not mine), you should totally go. i love it there. i saw karla's pics too. don't know what she was thinking with some of her outfits though.

  2. hey girl - i've been meaning to send you a message, but i can't find your email anywhere... if you get the chance, send me a quick message at brklynphoto@yahoo.com

    hope you aren't too hot in ny... i figured when i left for vacation i'd be going to the heat... but instead, i've somehow left it!

  3. hey great post just came across your blog ow :)

    D E G A I N E



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