Tuesday, July 13, 2010

first ever *tatTues*

today, i'm starting a new thing:
pretty much,
that's meanin'
that on
i'll be discussin'
i've seen many awesome ones.
i've seen many terrible mistakes.
always, though,
i admire the gutsiness is takes to get a tatt.
i always wonder:
how does one decide what to get,
where to get it??!!
i welcome any type of discussion
comment on the matter.
today's topic for
our first
foot tatts:
words on yo' feet??
[i don't know. maybe.]
paper plane foot?
peace foot?
bird anchor foot?

so, would you get a tatt on top of your toed-appendage?

which one of the above is your favorite?

which one is like a {gag gag} no way, Jose tatt?








...and so *tatTues* has commenced.


  1. i hate my feet but i would TOTALLY get a foot-too. just made that word up btw.

    my fav above is the bird anchor. the paper plane is different. but the too.many.words one is just long. no ones wants to look at your foot for that long ya know?

  2. a day late but im catching up on so much that i've missed in the past... um... weeks.. months?!!!?!

    tat on foot.. well kinda.I want a lion climbing up my ankle, calf kinda wrapping around and i'd prob have the tail on my foot some where lol so yeah.. that kinda qualifies!!

    hope all is well!


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