Sunday, May 9, 2010

a *birthday* today

I just wanted to quickly say a few words on the matter of my boyfriend turning 30 today.
I've know you for almost 4 years
-- we met when you was 26 --
and in those years,
you've been a rock for me in so many ways.
I'm grateful for all you've done for me
as your girlfriend,
as a woman,
and as a person
to help me grow and make me better.
On your turning 30,
I wanted to say that I don't think anyone could be as overjoyed as you should be.
Even though 30 might feel like a daunting age to turn,
I think 30 is really going to be your year,
the year that kicks off so many great things for you.
I've watched you the past three years
do so much to grab life by the horns
and make things happen,
You've grown so much from that
menace of a boy you always tell me you were,
and that reckless college guy you always try to convince me you weren't.
is your
kick-off year
to the years
to come
where you are only going to get better and be better.
I truly and firmly
believe that.
You are on the road to
many many successes, my love,
personally and financially and emotionally
[and all the -ally's you can name].
I love you,
Cheers! to 30.
Happy Sunday.

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