Saturday, May 8, 2010

on the day *before* Mother's Day

[I'm doing it early!]
Haa haa!

[sing to the tune of 'Happy Birthday']
Happy Mother's Day to you.
To this family, you're the glue.
You sometimes get really bit...chy,
but we appreciate all you do.
there's a universe-sized amount of love I have for you, Helene.
[I only call you 'Helene' 'cause it's ridiculous. No disrespect.]
You're one of my best friends, but
in a not-so-obvious way.
Thank You
always being there
when I need you to be,
and for not always
being in my buisness
needing to know
every detail of my life,
in some weird
dependent, insecure way.
[ahhhh...breathing room]
Mother's Day,
for what you make us remember.
...for what you make us reflect on
and who you honor.
my mom
Happy Mother's Day today,
and tomorrow [obv!],
and every day.

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