Wednesday, May 26, 2010

makeover your mood with a *manicure*

...a pinker than pink, sparkly one,
to be exact.
my nails
[on fingers AND toes]
were crying
for help.
supposed to be
90+ degrees
[**tee hee hee**]
i've been subbing all week,
open-toe shoes
are a MUST,
I didn't want to scare any of the children.
i gave myself a manicure in my last night's 'me-time.'
no sister around.
no boyf.
just me
and then
on dancing with the stars.
she was so super fantastic.
[when her final dance shows up on YouTube,
i'll be postin' it.]

that's all, butterballs!



Happy [*hot & humid*] Wednesday!


P.S. - The backdrop of the above pics was created by my Victoria Secret pajamas!

Gotta love 'em!


  1. CUTE!!! i love doing gold polish with gold glitter but getting it off is a biatch.

    oh well it looks good while it's on :)


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