Monday, May 24, 2010

oh, weekend, why are you so fleeting??

hi, cats!

oh, my weekend was looooovely.


there was much needed rest,

not a single thought wasted on what homework to do for bulls**t college sham courses,

more rest in the form of early nights and naps and naps galore,

saturday morning jogging,

watching the *boyf* play softball,

a super-awesome bike adventure to a long island park

-- where I was able to check off my first completed challenge for the LGRaB Summer Games, Round 1 --

[this will be blogged about ASAP, once the pictures are uploaded and looking blog-post worthy]

more softball glimpsing,

quick food-shopping stop,

grilling & beer,

followed by shower, then dessert,

then a little scrapping in my planner while the boyf played The Sims,

goodnight kisses, and passing out underneath my double comforters.






as much as i can blog of it will be blogged soon.

in the meantime, here's a sneak peek:

yes, I am singing Queen's Bicycle Race

oh, goodness.



Happy Monday & start of your week, kitties...

...may it fly by...

...zoooom zoom zoom...

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