Saturday, May 29, 2010

HOOTERS & *friendship*

scantily clad chicks
serving B-rated food.

easy concept to comprehend.
for what it is,
the girls & I had a good time.
...friggin' place is - literally - two steps
from the movie theater.
it was a nice day,
we got to eat HOOTERS, easy.
now, friendship,
on the other hand,
was a major theme of the night
that I was just baffled about.
[below is me, Jenn, & Elisa]
was drama
with our friend,
let's just leave it at that.
i started typing
'the story'
in this post,
but then thought,
'for what?'
it's just going to sound like me whining.
i already vented to
my Bitt
my boyf
my mom
the cat
and on top of that,
I have chores to do today ---
--- chores that i must do or
my mother will kill me.
bottom line:
i am a damn good friend.
the best, even.
i am not wrong
for giving 100% of myself
to every friendship I've ever been in,
and expecting 100% back.
i've watched those
Sex&theCity girls
for years,
[the movie was quite entertaining...a lot of big laughs,
even with the Eva-drama going on]
and I know
i'm in for that kind of friendship,
someday, somewhere.
my sister & I already have it,
I know there are girlfriends out there
who will come into my life
be able to effortlessly share
what my sister & I have...
we'll form this super-troop of
and understanding,
and trust, and laughs,
and goofiness,
enough to rival
any bullshit
this world has to throw at one of us.
i'll just be adding to my wolfpack.
in the meantime,
most immediately,
I needed to get out my final feelings to Eva,
and decided to do it HERE.
[why not?]
[below, Eva & I, circa 2008]

Thank you for all the good you've brought into my life.
You were a friend to me in times when I've really needed you to be.
I'm grateful for how kind your family has always treated me, and I think in the
course of my life, I will miss you, and them, and only remember happiness.
I thought inviting you back into my life this time around would be different, but last night you proved me wrong.
The past few years of our friendship have made me see that we really
can't be friends the way I thought we could.
It makes me sad, but we've grown into
two totally different people.
I wish you nothing but all the love in life, and blessings upon blessings.
You'll always have a place in my heart; goodbye.
that felt better.
kind of sad,
but better.
thanks for being here, reader.
{wiping the *single tear*}
oh yeah...
...and by the way...

i rode a mechanical bull last night.

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