Monday, September 13, 2010

a random as *fuck* post here ya'll, 'kay, got that?!?! sound like a plan, totally awesome planner...ramble*scramble*shambles...

i feel delirious.
for the past two days
had not one cohesive thought
i can recall.
it's all been a jumble of craziness like a
group of cracked-out piranhas to a cow thigh.
[no, i did not see piranhas 3D, nor do i want to]
[a cracked out piranha...
i have pretty much felt & still feel like that, above]
am one
big ball
of frustration, coupled with indifference.
It's like
I have
a raging locomotive
inside of me,
I'm standing perfectly still.
there's no other way i could describe it really.
this post is going to be
the randoms of my brain right now
'cause it needs to be.
sorry if this bores you,
or gives you a seizure.
let's start with the last thing first
and go in reverse.
so thinking a relaxing
viewing of last night's
would help
uber-neurotic brain as of late
I felt
even more
mentally exhausted after watching,
but can't really pinpoint why.
oh wait.
oh yeah:
a fuckin' meat dress??
...and a meat hat??
i mean,
i kind of get it, i guess.
VMAs, right?
Veal Meat Accessaries?
makes sense.
i mean, as much sense as she's gonna make.
i'm not sure if i'm glad she won.
i mean, i do like me some
rah rah rah mah mah, roma rum mah mah, gaga ooo laa laa
sounds in mah ear and mah body while dancing.

Chelsea Handler was disappointing.
Taylor Swift bugged me.
Kanye, in that red outfit, with that douchebag song...
...i have no words.
what I
thoroughly did enjoy,
and was by far my favorite part::

Florence + the Machine's performance
of 'Dog Days are Over'
i friggin' love this song:

the performance of this had me wigglin'

on the couch next to Tomas as we were watching it.

i even sang along.
so, thank you, Florence, for
singing your reassuring song [...what felt like...] just for me.
i also liked the mickey-mouse bobble head DJ guy.
he was awesome.
i think that's enough
of the VMAs
[Viewing of Major Attention-whores]
moving on the the next piece of my convoluted brain-puzzle:
shall soon
i am excited for this,
but i hope it lives up to all its hype.
i want a white 4G.
when is this coming out????
does anyone know?
maybe i do want the black.
did anyone hear about the 'antenna' problem??
aren't they supposedly fixing it by October?
know any good apps?
that's all I have to say about that.
moving along to one of the most
random lines from one
of the most random books/movies
ever to be put into this random existence:
tomas & I
went on a
triple date
i love saying this outloud:
try it.
it's really fun.
no really:
okay, well, anyway...
...I so looked forward to
my friends' company
& sushi-ing it up with Tomas.
most fun,
was the time
i gave myself
saturday afternoon
preparing for dinner.
got me a mani.
got me a pedi.
me & my curlin' iron
worked together in harmony.
...and my favorite, favorite part:
my all-black ensemble.
black & gold.
lovey dove dove.
it made me feel so *put*together* because
as you can tell from this post, I am so not.
even just the picture makes me happy.
the solid one-color is keeping me calm.
let me carry on...
my fellow triple-daters
both of these girls have their own classrooms this year.
i'm happy for them.
i'm sad for me.
okay, yeah.
i'll leave it at that.
i had me Japanese beer:
that was delicious.
I also had me edamame.
also delicious.
I had some of Tomas's sobo soup,
and yum yum yummy was that.
then the sushi:
my stomach was not in love.
any more than three pieces in my mouth,
and it would've been KOTO-PUKE-EE.
it tasted great,
but about two years ago, I got sick after a sushi dinner and barfed.
when you throw up about a pound of sushi,
you're body doesn't want it for a while, even if yo' brain does.
{{deep sigh}}
oh, well.
maybe some other day,
beloved california roll,
maybe some other day.

{{quiet whimpering}}
the dress i talked about here and ordered
came Saturday.
here it is hanging in my
"view-what's-new" spot in my room
to rev up my enthusiasm.
definitely gonna wear it wit'
black tights and black flats.
i really really tell you,
thoughts of outfits
are really the only thing
that's keeping me sane lately.
maybe it's this thesis class.
maybe it's the late nights at this lousy restaurant job.
maybe it's my frustration that i'm going to be subbing another year
when i should be with my own class already in my own classroom.
my mood is so fucked today.
i think i gotta nap right now.
i have work later at the goddamn restaurant,
and work with no nap makes Amanda a tired,
binge-eating, unfocused, cracked-out piranha.
change of topic:
Maegan from Maegan
posted this link to an outfit post she wrote last week,
let me tell you,
this song speaks
volumes of truth.
good job, christina agui,
for making one listenable-song
on your new bionic album.
it's going to take a lot to undo
the damage you did after i heard the woohoo song.
pretty much,
though, i love this song.
how i felt
this week exactly.
i love when that happens.
i think i want to be done now.
a few more
sporadic randoms
that are
around my
cerebral cortex::
What am I going to be for Halloween??
maybe Lady Gaga in a meat dress.
no, but seriously...
...i wanna win $300 at the costume party i'm going to.
i also need a workable costume to wear at the restaurant.
yes, the manager said "mandatory costumes".
also, i have
*south*fla* pics.
wanted to create a slideshow,
but don't know how,
...I think I'm going to post them in pieces.
we'll see later this week.
*2010* is going to be
over before we know it.
notice my blog's title?
i'm in the workings
of developing a *new*blog*
how did ya'll decide on your blog's title?
did you find that once you picked one
that sounded good,
you hated it, like, 15 minutes later?
haa haa!
what blogging program do you all use?
i think i'll talk more about this in a future post.
time for me to like, legit, bolt from this 'puter.

cute hair. cute sunny-g's. wish i had a louis. love the outfit, and the kinda zen surroundings, and homegirl's got my iphone.

this is my wooosah focus pic.


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  1. holy crap woman! that was the longest post EVER! and it wasn't even that's just the way you write. i was into it about a third of the way in but then my ADD kicked in and i got lost.

    hey but i do agree with you on the least the parts i saw.

    chelsea done me bad. not proud of my girl. AT ALL.


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