Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a pink & white *invite*

something that has made me
so far:
a pink & white *invite*
that i got this
week from my
beautiful *bride-to-be* friend,
pretty much,
it invited her bridesmaids
to a luncheon
on October 2nd
[her cute!!]
to mingle and munch
while trying on the dress(es)
she picked for us
the cutest part is
it's written in a poem
[...and ya'll know how that stops my heart still]
[can't expect anything less fabulous from Elisa]
Alejandro, above,
so into the *invite*
[isn't he getting SO big??!!]
remember when he was just a little guy??
we thought he was going to be a runt.
Haa Haa!!
Not anymore!
...back to my pink & white *invite*...
...i'm so excited for the luncheon,
of course immediately
started thinking of
what i am going to wear to it...
with a three-quarter sleeve...
i still
wanted it
to be
a happy
color or pattern...
...and then
i came across
this dress:
...and thought that would be peeeerrrfect
for an early-October luncheon with the girls!
[to see it in runway action, click here.]
it's gauzy,
it's girly,
it's fall-fashion, while still capturing something special about summer...the flowers?? idk.
i love.
i'm going to prob
pair it with
black stockings
[maybe grey plaid??]
black flats.
needless to say,
i bought it.
i figure even if i don't wear it
on October 2,
i could wear it all year long
to sub.
major plus!
another plus:
it's easy to slip on and off in the dressing room
whilst trying on zee dress!
...and speaking of *zee*dress*...
...i wonder what it's going to look like!
this post?...uh...maybe you don't.
check it out.
it explains Elisa & I's
half-assed first attempt at bridesmaid-dress shopping.
it also first talks about
the color Elisa was scouting
for her bridesmaid dresses:
light light pink.
wonder if any
of these
are *zee*one*:::
not this one.
it's too short.
Elisa didn't want short.
right color, though.
hmmm...maybe like this.
she wanted flowy & soft.

now this is what I'm saying! it's all about the drama, baby!

i'd be bringin' sexi back, yeah!


can't wait!


...maybe the dress is like those on the invite.


pink top? white skirt?

we'll see, I guess.


Happy Wedn.


  1. cute invite! i'm excited to see what kind of dress you get. that last one is insane. i love it

  2. dude i DIG the short one! and you being so tiny and all would look HOT! but hey maybe that's why the bride said no to short. haha.

    the long and flowy is also very pretty.

  3. you can call me izzie :) its my nickname lol


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