Tuesday, September 7, 2010

alright, *sept*, i'll give you a shot

[oh, what making a collage can do to alter the hate in your heart]
"love" and "september",
in the same sentence?
i mean, i guess it's got its good points.
if i were a *real* teacher, and
not still a silly substitute one,
i'd be back to school today.
the kids and their conversed little feet
start tomorrow,
but i'd be back,
talkin' SuMMeR memories with
my other teacher-co-workers,
admiring my cute-ass room &
stuffing my students' mailboxes with
notes and day-one activities.
anyway, i do look forward to
getting myself in a classroom again
-- anyone's classroom --
and doing my thing.
maybe a miracle will happen.
yuh never know.
i love the fresh school supplies,
new school clothes,
promise of increased brain-power
that september brings.
...and the fresh salads i pack for lunch
while on the job.
my planner & Carmen, my little honey girl
with september,
will come a new
*that'll make the month worth while*
i love this one, above.
[howevvvv...it's Chanel, duh!...and like a billion bucks...i need a knock off...Canal Street??]
have a good
what my last
few post have said about it.

i look forward to reading how you guys make the most of it...

...because i need some ideas.

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