Thursday, September 9, 2010

when was the last time you played with *paper*dolls*??

For my friend *Elisa*
it was today, at around 3 o'clock.
so i didn't really have a blog post planned for today,
but this material was too good not to blog about.
ya'll read yesterday's post
about the invitation Elisa sent in the mail
to her bridesmaids inviting us all to get together for the dress fitting??
in a nutshell,
the girl is excited!
she has every right to be,
she deserves the love,
the gushing, the glamour,
everything that comes with
being the bride, you know.
the girl
that she
paper dolls of the wedding party!!
it was too cute not to document.
[sorry, all i had handy was the blackberry.]
[i was not prepared for such hilarity!]
is her and josh,
uh...I counted 15.
15 of us.
this was my paper doll representation:
she put a bacio chocolate
in my "hand" because
when i go to her house,
I'm always eating them.
her and me:
how hilarious??!!
she confessed to me
that she plays with them.
i used to get excited about
my neighborhood bazaar
when I was younger and used to
spend the whole week before it
opened drawing sketches of
how much fun i'd imagine i would have.
it's really the same thing, I think.
it's just so cute.
after doing this below:

[the pairing of couples & triplets walking down the isle]

i understood why this was a genius idea.

this way, she doesn't have write and rewrite everyone's names. she can just move the dolls! it was so funny. we were laughing up a storm.


hey, brides out there, anything else I can suggest to my crazy friend over here??



  1. this is too cute. and congrats to your friend.

    * I was just going through old posts and saw your comment on an old relationship post and my answer, as cliche as it sounds, it yes, you do just know. Though I thought I knew in the past & was engaged in the past to someone else ....someone who I wanted to change in so many ways ...someone I thought would change and never did. If you're not happy now, marriage won't make you happy is really the bottom line. When you're with someone you love for exactly everything they say and do and are and all those things to you too and you don't need anything to change, I think then you know. But what do I know ;)

  2. adore! Love how excited the bride is! Excitement is so contagious.


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