Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"...however do you want me, however do you need me..."

i feel like the title of this post is addressed to God.
yesterday i proclaimed
that i needed to get
"...back to life, back to reality..."
as in this song
i thought of the phrase,
then listened to the song
about four times,
and realized "Holy shit, yes!"
It is addressed to God & the Universe and my current state of being.
it took me 'til yesterday
-- the 20th day of Sept --
to accept that it's Sept,
and that
SuMMeR 2010 is definitely
just memories now.
i'm game to get back to reality,
in the form of:
subbing the for the next three days,
reading and researching and writing a 25-page thesis to focus on,
getting serious about the restaurant biz and making extra dough, or getting the F***OUT...
...and all in the mix I'm thinking of
how to construct my Halloween costume,
being a bridesmaid to my best girlfriend,
her birthday,
my birthday,
eating right,
caring for the *babies*,
being a good girlfriend,
creating a new template/title/awesome-focus for my 2011 blog,
adapting to the colder and colder weather,
what I need to do to sign up for even MORE school after this semest [seriously kill me],
getting a new iPhone [where's the white one, people??!!]
clothes clothes and more clothes.
[that last one calms me down.
like really and truly, outfit-planning is my escape.
am i alone in this???]
oh, universe!
however do you want me?
in this state of *coo-coo, coo-coo*ness?
if so,
then this
i love those guys.


  1. well now i'm curious....what are you going to be for halloween??? do tell!!!

  2. something is on the loose in the universe because this same song has been on replay in my mind since the end of august after my birthday.

    i can't make it stop.

    i just wanna put on the brakes and slow down...but i did do absolutely nothing this weekend and it helped a TON.

    maybe i need to find a halloween costume that adequately expresses my angst. like some nutcase off the real housewives. heaven knows there's enough of 'em to choose from!!



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